William “Bubba” Ray

William Fredrick Ray was born to Alfred & Theresa Ray. However, he was quickly renamed by his older sister and brother and instantly became known as “Bubba” Ray. This was the name he was known by throughout his school days in La Marque, TX. His original home, yet he now resides in the neighboring city of Texas City, TX.

Bubba’s father spent his leisure time hunting, which led to Bubba Ray beginning his hunting skills at age 8. As an adult, his professional hunting vocation began in 2002. This occupation led to him pursuing waterfowl and deer.

Hunting and fishing has him traveling across the country. As leader of the team, this huntsman has traveled through Texas, as well as Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, as he seeks the treasure of an outdoorsman.

He is accompanied by his award winning companion, his dog, Honey Biscuit. He is owner and operator of Big 3 Guide Service, where he entertains several fishing customers. Some of these fishermen are from all 50 states and approximately 13 other countries. Bubba Ray has also fished the professional saltwater circuits. He has been a participate in several tourneys which included HT, Texas Redfish, Trout Masters, GRS and many others.

His fishing obsession began at age 16, and beginning in1999, and at this current time he is still presently fishing. This competitive sporting clay shooter has become a noted speaker and has been viewed in magazine and the local newspaper to share his rewards with several outdoor businesses.

After traveling across country, this fisherman formed the Power Circle Outdoors Team. He was inspired to do so when he realized there were other African American men, as well as other minorities that were not being represented in the outdoor industry. More than a few of these men possess over 40 years of hunting and fishing experience. Bubba’s goal is to mentor others and show the world the highest level of sportsmanship.

William “Bubba” Ray is married to Renice Ray and they reside in Texas City, TX. His father’s business was entitled, A. Ray & Son Masonry Contractors. Bubba Ray, the son, became the second in command, when he entered adulthood. He remained his father’s right hand until the father became ill, and Bubba took the CEO position, which he currently holds.

He has an adult son and keeping the tradition of father working along side of son, Bubba’s son, Patrick Watt, now works in the Masonry business. He is also the grandfather of two granddaughters.