Shawn Mckissick

Shawn Mckissick is from Wheatley, AR. He is 46 years old and the owner of David Mckissick Trucking LLC. He has had a love for the great outdoors and sportsmanship from a young age. From hunting and fishing, to wood working, farming, and beyond he is in his element in the great outdoors. 

As the season’s change, his love for the outdoors stays the same. Shawn hunts deer and ducks on his family farm in Wheatley. He has shared his love of hunting with his daughters, other family members, and friends. He can always be counted on for finding the best spots and providing guidance. 

As a member of the Power Circle Outdoors, Shawn is honored to be a part of a great group of men that he considers a brotherhood, bound by kindred spirits and a love of nature.

Shawn resides in Wheatley, AR with his loving wife Areatha and two daughters, Teiria and Jasmine Mckissick. 

Shawn’s motto is put God first, love and take care of family, keep striving, and enjoy life!