Patrick Watt

Patrick Watt William Patrick Watt, born September 26 to Capt. William “Bubba” Fredrick Ray of La Marque, TX and Carla Diane Watt of San Francisco, Ca.

Patrick began fishing and hunting at the tender age of 9 under the guidance of his dad Bubba Ray. At the age of 13 Patrick met Capt. Keith Sullivan, and this relationship would turn out to be a life-time friendship which included daily hunting and fishing excursions that would be both a learning opportunity and a better appreciation of the great outdoors. 

At the age of 13, Patrick also starting deck handing on fishing and hunting charters with his father.  Patrick also learned how to handle boats at this young age. Aside from these trips, Patrick also partnered up with Capt. Keith Sullivan and adventured out in the Galveston Bay Complex. About the age of 18, Patrick began fishing major Texas lakes such as Toledo Bien, Lake Ray Hebert, Sam Rebruan Reservoir and Lake Fork. Patrick fished his 1st tournament in 1999 at the Gulf Coast Trout Masters.

Patrick is a father of 3 beautiful daughters, works full-time along his father working the family business Alfred Masonry & Sons. Patrick resides in Friendswood where he continues to pursue his career in fishing and hunting and making almost daily goals to reach to increase his coverage and feed his appetite for the outdoors living.