Kenneth Ferguson

Ken Ferguson, of Arkansas is the owner and head trainer at Feather Chase Water Dogs, LLC. Feather Chase Water Dogs is a full time retriever training program dedicated to offering training services for all sporting breeds and their handlers.

With an operation that caters to waterfowl hunters, Ken has trained many dogs for waterfowl hunters including several dogs for the Power Circle Outdoors team whose dogs hunt year round and compete in AKC and UKC sanctioned hunt test.

When not training dogs, Ken is an avid outdoorsman and adventurer, who enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and all kinds of other outdoor activities. From hunting whitetail throughout Arkansas, Texas, and Virginia. To the flooded timbers of Arkansas and marshes of Louisiana chasing ducks, nothing makes him more happier than being outdoors with his dogs.

As a member of Power Circle Outdoors, Ken assist our digital media team, helps with fundraising, and aids in maintaining our various social media platforms.

 Feather Chase Water Dogs