Donna Mccullough

Donna McculloughDonna Mccullough was born in Houston, Texas with family origins of Wharton ,Texas. She grew up quite the saltwater fisherwoman while the men in her family took on the sport of hunting.

While having the experience of hunting small game such as rabbit & squirrels she always wanted to become “that female that does it all” So she  began water fowling and fell in love with it the sport ever since.

Donna loves to hunt public land. This being because she loves the fast pace hunting of public land. “Its like a game of keep up, you’ve got to get ‘em as soon as you can and you’ve actually got to work for your birds.”

Donna’s goal with Power Circle Outdoors is to be the motivation women need to drive them into the sport of water-fowling while also taking care of the media production of Power Circle Outdoors’ content.