Devin Lombard

Devin LombardDevin “Bugg” Lombard, born and raised in south Louisiana. In a small town of New Iberia, Louisiana. Devin grew up hunting Whitetail Deer and small game with hounds in his beginning stages of his hunting career. He started to gain interest in waterfowl after a few harvest of Deer and couple of viewings of Saturday morning programs. He also had a strong interest in fishing and boats at an early age also.

Lombard went on his first duck hunt around the age of 10 years old. Where he harvested his favorite duck a Gadwall drake. He tends to hunt the Texas coast now; in years he had to relocate due to parent’s manifest in better opportunities.

Devin loves to hunt public land personally. “Private is cool but i rather work a tad harder to get the feel of success”
Time has past! Devin is now running his own boat through the marshes and timber of Texas.(Godevil hull and Prodrive outboard) He has come a long way from sitting in a tree stand and running beagles after rabbits as a “youngster”.

Devin has put Duck Hunting first before all to a certain extent. In which show his true passion. Waterfowl Hunting!