Dennis E. Smith, Jr

Originally from Wheatley, Arkansas.  He is 32 years old. He is the owner of Dennis Smith, Jr. Farms and Trucking.  His love for the land has been with him since he was a young boy. 

He started farming as a young kid with his father and uncles. Although Dennis started hunting with family and friends as a hobby, it soon turned in to a passion. No matter the hunt he is always excited. He hunts on 600 acres between Cotton Plant and Wheatley Arkansas.

Dennis’s experiences as a row crop ( soybeans, corn, and rice) farmer gives him a unique perspective on hunting. He not only hunts for the love of it but he sees it as a conservation tool as well. Ensuring that the habitat, food, and shelter is established on his farm is vital to the ecosystem that allows him a chance to hunt and control certain species.

Dennis also loves to work and mentor young African Americans farmers to ensure they don’t run into any pitfalls early in their careers. His wealth of knowledge and contacts service them well.

As a member of the Power Circle Outdoors Dennis contribution is access to prime hunting ground. When PCO is in need of anything related to conservation and land they can always call on Dennis.

Dennis’s motto is Love God and Family, work hard, and kill ducks!