AJ Mays (FLW PRO Angler)

Originally from Lonoke, Arkansas I used to hunt a lot of private rice fields. I currently love green timber public land hunts.

My experience hunting all these years have been a lot of ups and downs more good than bad but when the stars align in Arkansas you won’t find a better place to be then Arkansas timber for non stop green head action.

I have a lot of knowledge of the woods and water when it comes to the white river system,Cache river, and upper oauchita on when the birds show up and and to have more successful days than bust 10+yrs running these waters and more years to come.

I professionally fish the FlW costa series among other circuits.

Personal achievements:

  • 4 top 10 finishes
  • 2016 TBF national champion.

Contributions too PCO bringing awareness to the youth in Arkansas and the general public about what we stand for as a steward of the outdoors and being a positive influence and role model in today’s society.